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Resurfacing a Spanish guitar
How to re finish a classical guitar. If you have got a few scratches and marks on the face of your guitar and you would like to restore it, here is how...

Find a guitar shop, ring them up and arrange for them to do it. On no account attempt to do it yourself like I did!

Still not put off? Ok, make a work surface, make a stand for the back of the neck out of bits of wood. Cover it all with soft fabric. Take four weeks off. 

Removing the varnish/laquer. Essentially a few hours of hard work and blistered fingers will do it. No mechanical device will work without damaging the wood. You could try the easy way with a chemical stripper but it won't work because there is no easy way.

Looks great doesn't it, maybe just leave it now. Except that you can't, unfinished wood will mark and stain very easily as well as warp in moist air.

Buy some expensive laquer especially formulated for guitars, spray it on carfelly over a few days with light coats. Leave to dry for at least 3 weeks then sand with up to 2000 grit paper. Any less will not work.

Do not attempt to use Carnuba wax or French polish, it is evil and it will not last.

Mirror shine by hand with polishing compound and an old cotton rag (used T-shirt) or buy a 3" orbital sander for about £300. A large car sander or a dremmel won't work.

Trust me, don't do it. Call the shop.
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